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Our hearty sandwiches are prepared with the freshest ingredients available. Served with  your choice of cole slaw, side salad, golden french fries, or cup of soup. Substitute fresh cut fruit $1.

ROAST BEEF, TURKEY or HAM & CHEESE ____________________________________________ $9.25

GRILLED CHEESE choice of two cheeses, and wheat, white, rye or sourdough bread _______________ $8.50

BACON, LETTUCE & TOMATO  avocado add $1.50 __________________________________________ $9.25

CLUB  Roast beef or turkey. Avocado add $1.50 ________________________________________________ $10.95

VEGETARIAN    Avocado, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumber, red onion, American cheese, topped with a Dijon spread.__________________________________________________________________________ $9.25

TUNA SALAD  avocado add $1.50 ___________________________________________________________ $9.95


MEXICAN ULTIMATE   Grilled turkey breast, tomatoes, ortegas, jalapeño cheese, guacamole on grilled jalapeño-cheese bread._________________________________________________________________ $10.95

ULTIMATE BIRD SANDWICH  Fresh turkey breast, tomatoes in melted jack cheese on sourdough bread. Avocado add $1.50 __________________________________________________________ $10.25

AVOCADO MELT   Thick sliced ham, avocado and jack cheese served on rye bread.______________________________________________________________________ $10.25

BEEFEATER SANDWICH   Roast beef sautéed with ortega chilies and jack cheese on jalapeño-cheese bread. Served with a creamy horseradish sauce on request._______________________________________________________________ $10.25

TURKEY TORTA   Thinly sliced turkey breast grilled and covered with melted jalapeño jack cheese, lettuce and tomato, served on a fresh torta roll. _______________________________________________________________________ $10.25

GRILLED MAHI-MAHI SANDWICH  Lightly seasoned filet of mahi-mahi is grilled and served on jalapeño-cheese bread. ____________________________________________________ $11.50

FISH TACOS   Delicately seasoned and marinated, grilled mahi-mahi topped with lettuce, cheeses, white sauce, pico de gallo,  cilantro and avocado. _____________________________________________________________________________ $10.95

BEACH BREAK BURRITOS – MAHI-MAHI OR CHILI VERDE    Marinated mahi-mahi, or pork machaca (Frieda), lettuce, cheese and salsa, wrapped burrito style and smothered in  homemade Ranchero or Verde sauce. ___________________________ $10.95

MONTEREY CHICKEN TORTA   Grilled chicken breast, wilted fresh spinach, tomato, smothered in jack cheese and served on a torta roll.________________________________________________________ $10.95

SOUTHWESTERN CHICKEN SANDWICH   5 oz. skinless breast of chicken, grilled with cajun spices, ortega chilies, and covered in jack cheese. Served on a torta._____________________________________ $10.95


1/3 lb. of the freshest ground beef, served with mayo-Dijon spread, lettuce, tomato, fresh red onion and pickles and your choice of golden french fries, cole slaw, side salad, or cup of soup. Substitute fresh cut fruit $1. Grilled onions on request.

BEACH BREAK BURGER  crispy bacon, avocado and cheese topping a juicy 1/3 lb. burger ____________ $10.50

ZELL’S TURKEY BURGER  seasoned turkey burger, feta cheese, grilled onions, pickles and spinach _____ $10.50

FRISCO BURGER  grilled on sourdough bread, smothered in Monterey jack cheese ___________________ $9.95

BETTER CHEDDAR BURGER  crispy bacon and cheddar cheese _______________________________ $10.50

MUSHROOM CHEESEBURGER  fresh sautéed mushrooms covered with cheddar cheese ______________ $10.50

CHILI-SIZE  served open-faced, covered with spicy homemade chicken chili, cheese and onions ___________ $10.50

HAMBURGER  with cheese add 75¢ ________________________________________________________ $9.50

VEGGIE BURGER  wholesome, hearty, and piled high with lots of veggies __________________________ $10.25

DANGER BURGER!  jalapeño chilies, jalapeño jack cheese, bacon, smothered in guacamole ______________ $10.50

                                               ★   Make any burger with a turkey burger or garden veggie patty.   ★


CHEF SALAD  ham, turkey, avocado, cheese and hard boiled egg top a bowl of fresh vegetables _________ $10.50

GRILLED CHICKEN SPINACH SALAD  freshly prepared spinach salad with all the fixins topped with grilled chicken breast and served with homemade hot honey bacon dressing _______________________ $10.75

FISH TACO SALAD  marinated and grilled mahi-mahi, avocado, cheese, cilantro, pico de gallo, served atop a fresh green salad. ¡Es muy bueno! _________________________________________________ $10.95

CALIFORNIA CHICKEN SALAD  seasoned and grilled chicken breast, avocado and crispy bacon, atop a fresh green salad bowl ________________________________________________________________ $10.95

BEACH BREAK SALAD BOWL ____________________________________small $4.50 ___large $5.75

HOMEMADE SPICY CHICKEN CHILI  topped with cheese & onions on request ___ cup $5.25 ___ bowl $6.25

SOUP OF THE DAY _________________________________________________cup $4.50 ___ bowl $5.25


GRAPEFRUIT OR ORANGE JUICE   fresh squeezed _____________________ $3.50

APPLE OR CRANBERRY _______________________________________________ $3.25

TANGERINE  fresh squeezed in season ________________________________$4.25

TOMATO JUICE / V-8 __________________________________________________ $3.25

MILK ________________________________________________________________ $3.25

CHOCOLATE MILK ___________________________________________________ $3.25

LEMONADE __________________________________________________________ $2.95

50/50  Larry’s favorite ________________________________________________$2.95

HOT COCOA __________________________________________________________$3.25

SOFT DRINKS_______________________________kids $1.75________________$2.95

FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE OR FRESH BREWED TEA  served hot or cold_________$2.95

Thank you for being our guest!


2 fresh eggs any style, served with your choice of our homestyle potatoes, crispy hash  browns, sliced tomatoes, and coffee cake, toast, biscuits, or tortillas. Substitute fresh cut fruit $1.

EGGS ONLY ___________________________________________________________________________ $7.95

CRISPY BACON OR SAUSAGE link, patty, or turkey ________________________________________ $10.25

PORTUGUESE LINGUICA SAUSAGE  _________________________________________________$10.95

CORNED BEEF HASH served with our homestyle potatoes, bell peppers, grilled onions, and topped with cheese and green onions _______________________________________________________________ $11.75

HAM STEAK  5 oz. _____________________________________________________________________ $10.75

JUICY FRESH CUT PORK TENDERLOIN CHOPS  8 oz. _________________________________ $11.25

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK ______________________________________________________________ $11.50

STEAK & EGGS  8 oz. Angus top sirloin steak _______________________________________________ $13.95


Our omelettes are made with four large farm fresh eggs, served with your choice of our homestyle potatoes,  crispy hash browns, sliced tomatoes, and coffee cake, toast, biscuits, or tortillas. Substitute fresh cut fruit $1.

AWESOME scallops, bay shrimp, crab,bacon, avodaco, covered in jack and cheddar cheeses _____________ $11.95

CALIFORNIA avocado, jack and cheddar cheese, ortega chili, and topped with spicy salsa ______________ $11.50

SPICY CHICKEN homemade chicken machaca, guacamole, and jalapeño cheese topped with sour cream and

pico de gallo _________________________________________________________________________ $11.75

DENVER ham, onion, and bell pepper, jack and cheddar cheeses __________________________________ $11.25

ABC crispy bacon and avocado fill this omelette smothered in jack and cheddar cheeses _________________ $11.50

CHILI & CHEESE homemade spicy chicken chili _____________________________________________ $11.75

HAM & CHEESE ______________________________________________________________________ $10.95

CHEESE jack and cheddar _________________________________________________________________ $9.95

CHILI VERDE  pork machaca (Frieda), cheeses, guacamole, covered in homemade Verde sauce,  topped with sour cream, pico de gallo and cilantro ___________________________________________ $11.75

VEGETARIAN  spinach, zucchini, broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper, onion, tomato, avocado, jack and cheddar cheeses _ $11.50

SANTA FE  spicy pork chorizo, cheeses, onion, avocado, topped with sour cream and homemade salsa ____ $11.75

GREEK  spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, olives, garlic and feta cheese _________________________ $11.75

★   Egg substitute available … 25¢ per egg   ★


All served with your choice of our Homestyle potatoes, crispy hash browns, sliced tomatoes,  and coffee cake, toast, biscuits, or tortillas. Substitute fresh cut fruit $1.

ZELL’S SCRAMBLE fresh spinach, tomato, red onion, and feta cheese ________________________________ $10.25

MUSHROOM SCRAMBLE sautéed mushrooms and green onions topped with cheddar cheese ___________ $9.95

VEGGIE SCRAMBLE a wonderful selection of fresh vegetables and cheeses scrambled into eggs __________ $10.25

MINCED HAM SCRAMBLE two fresh eggs scrambled with tasty cured ham _________________________ $9.95

ON FIRE! Louisiana hot links, jalapeños, corn tortilla strips, salsa and cheeses scrambled into eggs _________ $10.25

SCRAMBLATTA chicken enchilada, corn tortilla strips, cheeses and red onions topped with sour cream  and green onions, served Red or Verde style _____________________________________________________ $10.25


HUEVOS RANCHEROS ________________________________________________________________ $10.50

KILLER BURRITO  seasoned ground beef, ortega chilis, eggs, cheese, bacon, guacamole, cilantro, salsa and

sour cream__________$10.50

FLUFFY BUTTERMILK PANCAKES __________________ short stack $6.50 ______ full stack $7.50 add blueberries or fruit, chocolate chips or pecans 75¢ short stack / $1 full stack; substitute multigrain 50¢

PANCAKE SANDWICH  1 egg, 2 cakes, 2 bacon or link sausage ____________________________________ $9.25

FRENCH TOAST  add 1 egg and 2 bacon or link sausage $2.75  _________________________________ $7.50

WAFFLE  add 1 egg and 2 bacon or link sausage $2.75  _________________________________________ $7.50

BANANA CRUNCH FRENCH TOAST  served with bacon or turkey sausage ____________________ $10.95

SEASONAL FRESH CUT FRUIT  yogurt and granola add $2.25 _____________ cup $4.95 _____ bowl $5.95

OATMEAL  served with raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon, add banannas or pecans 75¢______________ $5.95

BISCUITS & GRAVY ___________________________________________________________________ $4.50

KELLEY’S BAGEL  served with cream or cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onion, sprouts and avocado _______ $6.95

★   Pure Maple Syrup 2 oz.… $2   ★


1 EGG ___________ $1.50    2 EGGS ________ $2.95

TOAST  cinnamon add 25¢  ___________________ $2.25

ENGLISH MUFFIN ________________________ $2.25

BAGEL_______________ $2.50 with cream cheese __________ $3.25       with banana and peanut butter ______ $3.75

COFFEE CAKE ____________________________ $2.25

POTATOES/HASH BROWNS ______________ $3.25

FRENCH FRIES Cajun on request _____________ $2.95

COTTAGE CHEESE _______________________ $2.95

COLE SLAW ______________________________ $2.50

SLICED TOMATO _________________________ $2.50

AVOCADO in season ________________________ $3.00

CORNED BEEF HASH ____________________ $7.25

FRESH GROUND BEEF PATTY ____________ $ 4.75

BACON (3) ________________________________ $3.75

SAUSAGE (3) ______________________________ $3.75

HAM STEAK ______________________________ $4.95